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LGBTQIA+ History Month 'Visible' Exhibition

This year's theme for UAL's annual LGBTQIA+ History Month exhibition is 'Visible'. The Student Union aimed to empower and provide a safe platform for the voices of queer students at UAL. I submitted my poem visible, which explores themes of sexuality and hidden identities.

See the exhibition at Central Saint Martin's Window Galleries, open to the public 24 hours a day.

The Snog © Amelia Johnson

"Art allows for self-expression. We can escape through art, be immersed in it. Our practices communicate our voices in unique ways. Our art can act as a safe space for us, it may protect us, challenge us, help us answer difficult questions in our lives. As LGBTQIA+ artists our art deserves to be seen, heard, digested and celebrated.

What does this celebration of self and practice look like at UAL? This exhibition space for LGBTQIA+ History Month displays student artwork with their peers and recognises the unique importance of themselves and their practice."

Georgia Spencer, Arts SU Welfare Sabbatical Officer

CURATED BY: Arts SU Sabbatical Officers & members of the UAL LGBTQ+ Society

DATES: 9th February - 6th March 2022

THUMBNAIL: The Snog by Amelia Johnson


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