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Hi, do you come here often?

Name: Kiara (kee-ar-uh) 

Pronouns: She/They

Age: 20

Location: London

I would define myself as a queer black person who is also a writer, change maker and wig addict. Currently, I am studying Fashion Communications at Central Saint Martins and running a new society at the university called The C.U.L.T. (Trust me it’s not as scary as it sounds) My ambitions are for this website to act as a portfolio of my creative and professional work, but also a reflection of my interests, and unfiltered thoughts. From poetry to opinion pieces and essays, a range of my writing is coming your way, so grab a snack and enjoy. Am I outspoken? It depends who’s trying to speak over me. If you’re interested in contacting me for whatever reason, drop me a message below… I’ll be waiting. P.S. bonus points if you can guess my favourite colour!

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