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Platform Edition 3 Editor's Letter

Hello beautiful humans, how much did you miss us?

Christopher Kane and FACE have come to a consensus

That the voices of black and brown people are not elevated enough.

Together we witnessed the horrifying scenes from around a year ago

Where racism, discrimination and brutality were all on show

Since then we’ve seen awareness, protests and hashtags grow.

With this blossoming movement we proved the extent of our resilience

The beauty of our pride, the strength of our brilliance

We will no longer be hushed. We will no longer be silenced.

In the fashion industry our faces are rare, often tokenised

While our cultures are appropriated, tarnished and demonised

But here’s your chance to see the world through our eyes.

There’s a huge variety of entries coming your way

Films, photography and even some poetry on display

Because our skin and our lives deserve respect, night and day.

Thank you Christopher Kane & thank you FACE for this opportunity

This is bigger than a magazine it represents you and me

You are invited, cordially, to PLATFORM Edition 3!


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