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Black History Month 'Looking Forward' Exhibition

This year's theme for UAL's annual Black History Month exhibition is 'Looking Forward'. They challenged students to think about what that phrase means to us, as well as the relationship between reflecting and evolving when it come to our history and lived experiences. I submitted my poem Roots, which explores themes of nationalism, identity and belonging.

See the exhibition at Central Saint Martin's Window Galleries, open to the public 24 hours a day.

Sisterly love © Davinia Clarke

“After this year of awakening and movement towards acknowledgement of truths we were already too familiar and aware of, what do we want to share about our lived histories as they are now? Moving forward, how do we want our thoughts on Blackness and lived experiences to be documented, shared and learned from? What is the relationship between reflecting and evolving when it comes to our history and lived experiences? How can our image evolve through art for the future?”

Rachel Williams, Arts SU Education Sabbatical Officer

CURATED BY: Alyshia Jack & Katie Hughes

DATES: 24th September - 3rd November 2021

THUMBNAIL: Sisterly Love by Davinia Clarke @daviniadesigns |


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