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Hairy Situation

Oh my god! Is this your real hair?

That question I get after a long innocent stare,

The question I get that if I was them I wouldn’t dare

To ask

Or to reach over here

For my hair with your dirty little hands;

Don’t touch my hair

So did you straighten it or something?

Yes. I straightened my 2 inch coarse afro

And managed to make these 16 inch locs grow,

It’s from my scalp didn’t you know?

But these curls aren’t to grab they’re just for show;

Don’t touch my hair

No. It’s a weave. This isn’t my natural hair.

Oh okay, so it’s a wig?

Well, the word wig was never mentioned

You don’t know anything so why make the assumption

That these bunches on my head are another kind of extension

To the one that I mentioned

Pay attention and listen!

When I explain to you with my mouth, and you try to reach out;

Don’t touch my hair

It’s hard to not get annoyed

When you’re made a spectacle, a toy

Affront every girl and boy

When you try desperately to avoid

The topic

of your hair

“They’re ignorant”

“They don’t know better”

“They don’t understand”

But I won't let her touch my hair

These are my edges.

I’m not bald headed.

Her hair's braided not dreaded.

Now do not forget it

That perms are so dreaded.

They’re harmful but fuck it

It’s way worth the credit to have

pretty hair

Senegalese twists





Lace front


This vocabulary is spectacular

But it’s just my vernacular

Like my hair type






Can’t see why we must focus on me

Don’t worry,

I’ll let it slide this time,

Don’t touch my fucking hair, please.

As seen in Platform Magazine Edition 3

Winner of Kingston University Creative and Professional Writing Competition

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